Local. Craft. Beer

Over the years as the Old No.1 keeps expanding its locally crafted beer selection to serve hundreds of MN, ND, SD, & WI brews. The thoughts and encouragements of crafting our own selections has come to the forefront.  The Old no. 1 is currently working with the city of Morris to change current zoning  rules that only allow brewing in the industrial park area, and bring locally produced beer, ciders and seltzers to downtown Morris. 

Check out our concept art of our brew room above or download the pdf layout here!

The Vision

Today,  the Old No. 1 has 20 kinds of beer on tap. It’s a big improvement from the spot’s original incarnation as a VFW post that offered only four brands.

“As the years went by, we updated our tap beer system,” owner Matt Lhotka says. “People like to try craft beer. We’ve got 20 kinds of beer on tap all the time, and our goal is to make some of those beers be the beer that we make here locally.”

Matt is in the process of getting approval to open a brewery at the restaurant. The Old No. 1 has the required federal paperwork filed and is working with the city to obtain approval of the necessary zoning change.

Matt’s ready to get going, though. All the equipment he’ll need is lined up and construction is planned. Once he received approval within a few months, he should be brewing. It won’t be just beer, either. Matt has plans to craft his own hard seltzer and ciders too.
— Federated Telephone’s Connection Magazine